The wheel that defines RYD Wheels.



The wheel that defines RYD Wheels.


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  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum

    Aircraft Grade Aluminum

    Forged 6061 T6 Aluminum construction ensure a strong lightweight wheel.

  • 3D Profiling

    3D Profiling

    Every detail counts. Machining that’s twice as time consuming as the standard motorcycle wheel for more depth and more detail.

  • Racelite Hubs

    Racelite Hubs

    Loose the weight. With centripetal force, every lb counts. Up to 2 lbs lighter than standard competitors hubs.


  • Armor Grade Bolts

    Armor Grade Bolts

    18/8 Steel oxide coated hub bolts.

  • Sure-Fit Hubs

    Sure-Fit Hubs

    Hubs that have been tested specifically for your bike and guaranteed to fit.

  • Swift-Lock Rotors

    Swift-Lock Rotors

    Rotors that lock in and out using spring clips. Easy to change stainless rotor outer.

  • UV Protections

    UV Protections

    The finish won’t break down under UV rays. No chipping paint concerns here.

  • Industrial Grade Show Chrome

    Industrial Grade Show Chrome

    As a layer system, Copper, Nickel, Chrome combines a show quality appearance with good corrosion protection. 5 year warranty.

  • Everlast Bearings

    Everlast Bearings

    Pre-lubed and Sealed ball bearings from the factory come pre-installed.

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Want All Black?

Checkout our Blackline finish!